Finger Taps

Finger Taps

Finger Taps is the newest and absolute best way to play drums on your iPad! Don’t be locked into static drum layouts! Hey, they’re great if you’re sitting at a drum kit and swinging your arms, but for the iPad screen you want flexibility. You want to be able to model your real kit. You want to be able to move and resize drums to fit your needs. And of course you want zero latency and fantastic drum sounds. Look no further…

Version 1.0 of Finger Pads features the following drums:

* Kick
* Snare
* Hi Tom
* Mid Tom
* Floor Tom* 2 Different Crash Cymbals
* Hi Hat with 2 zones for playing open and closed sounds
* Ride Cymbal with 2 zones for playing the ride and the bell
* Sticks with 2 zones for playing sticks and rim hits

And the following functionality:

* Build your own kit with just the drums you want and need
* Save your custom kits for instant recall
* Move and resize drums to any screen position
* Lock your drums in place to prevent accidental movement
* Sharing with a lefty? No Problem! Just hit the ‘Switcheroo’ button to instantly reverse the positions of all drums!

Don’t delay, start drumming today!