Welcome to DSRTech, Inc.

At DSRTech we design, develop and deploy software to meet your needs and fit your budget. We understand how important the mobility of your applications and data is to you, and we strive to give you the most powerful software at a very reasonable price. With several years experience in the retail, internet and e-commerce software industry, you can be assured that we’ll deliver quality software that meets your specifications.

We’re proud to announce that after many successful years developing software for the Pocket PC market we’re now developing quality software for the iPhone and iPod touch as well. We’re very excited about the products that we’ve released for this platform in the short term as well as those that are still under development at this time. The iPhone platform has changed the way the world views mobile computing and we’re striving to continue meeting your needs as we’ve been so privileged to do for the past 8 years.

Be sure to regularly check the News link at the top of this page for new developments.

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